CLIMAX IN LOVE through the ultimate Warrior-Goddess partnership. Learn the playbook for a lifelong thriving and nourishing relationship with growth, intimacy, and great sex!

An email from a 42 y.o. man:

“Emily... when you talk about beauty coming from the inside, it’s true. Ask any man if he knows a woman he does not find beautiful (he might find her ugly), but for some reason he finds her irresistibly sexy. He will tell you he can think of several women like that. Guys often talk to each other this way: ‘I know she’s not that attractive, but there’s something about her . . .’ This is coming from some inner quality that is being reflected outward. There’s also the opposite—women who are objectively beautiful but don’t have sex appeal. They’re just there, like a beautiful painting or sculpture, but they don’t inspire action. These women lack inner beauty. Some women have both inner and outer beauty. These are the women who make men CRY!”



Take your love life to the next level with an epic Warrior-Goddess spiritual partnership filled with growth, intimacy, and great sex! 

Learn the Essential Ingredients to Be the Ultimate Radiant Goddess Who Attracts the Devotion of a Warrior Who Leads You Well and Makes You Feel Safe to Express Your Rainbow 

* * *

The Power and Psychology of Warrior-Goddess Partnership

  • Lesson 1: The Power of Warrior-Goddess Synergy to Unleash Greatness and Potential

  • Lesson 2: Inner Masculine and Feminine Energies and Polarity

  • Lesson 3: Ultimate Warrior Traits that Attracts and Inspires Lifelong Devotion of a Goddess

  • Lesson 4: Ultimate Goddess Traits that Attracts and Inspires Lifelong Devotion of a Warrior

  • Lesson 5: 7 Core Elements of Warrior-Goddess Partnership

* * *

The Dance of Self, Parts, and Intimacy 

  • The Psychology and Science of Your Inner Life through the IFS Lens

* * *

Confident and Sovereign: 
Erase Negative Self-Talk (via IFS) and Be Extraordinary

  • Lesson 1: Claim Higher Self Identity, Intention, and Destiny
  • Lesson 2: Find Inner Blocks, Limiting Beliefs, and Negative Self-Talk
  • Lesson 3: Eliminate Inner Blocks (via IFS) and Rise to Self-Love Vibration

* * *

3 Essential Ingredients for Lifelong Love, Devotion, and Adventure

  • Lesson 1: Creation of "Conscious Partnership Agreement for Growth, Intimacy, and Great Sex"
  • Lesson 2: Creation of "How to Love Me" Owner's Manual
  • Lesson 3: Conscious Communication Phrases for Trust, Intimacy, and Conflict Resolution

* * *

Attract (and Keep) the Ultimate Warrior

  • Lesson 1: Applying the Laws of the Universe for Manifestation and Reality Creation 
  • Lesson 2: Positive Mental Diet and Living-in-the-End to Manifest Happily-Ever-After

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  • "How to Have 40 Orgasms without Trying: The Crucial Ingredients"
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[Teachings are delivered via 10+ hours of video training.]

Yes! Teach Me How to Be a Goddess!

I help you climax in love, with an extraordinary Warrior-Goddess partnership filled with growth, intimacy, and great sex. 


  • A Self-leadership expert and spiritual teacher and healer who helps you become the best, Self-led, authentic, confidently vulnerable version of you so you can manifest extraordinary love and epic success. 
  • The author of two books:
    • [2015] How to Permanently Erase Negative Self-Talk: So You Can Be Extraordinary (under my former name, Emily "Filloramo")
    • [2020] CLIMAX: Why Great Leaders Need Love Affairs (an enlightening leadership fable)
  • A Cornell University graduate (1984).
  • After a 27-year pharmaceutical sale career with Pfizer, I launched Soar to Greatness Now LLC in 2012. I "accidentally" found my life's calling to teach you how to climax in love (and leadership).
  • Levels 1&2 trained in the evidence-based Internal Family Systems (IFS) Self-leadership model of permanent emotional healing, personal growth, and accelerated transformation.

The pivotal events that led to finding my life's calling:

  • Understanding women's (and men's) deepest fears and insecurities through years of coaching high-achieving men and women to permanently heal the emotional childhood burdens that caused their fears, insecurities, and feeling like a fraud.
  • My female clients and close friends have said, "Emily, you've taught me how to surrender into my femininity and also let my man know how I want to be led and ravished. You need to teach women how to be Goddesses and not emasculate men!"
  • I witnessed how men lacked masculine leadership during my interesting dating experiences in 2019. These experiences inspired and informs how I teach men to become Warriors and how I teach women to become Goddesses.

P.S. When you heal from the past and learn how to be an authentic and confidently vulnerable Goddess in your love life using the Internal Family Systems framework, you can use the same Self-led communication methodology to climb higher in your career.



"It was a pleasure to work with Emily. Over the course of several months, she helped my BF and I to start learning to talk to each other with an open heart, vulnerability and empathy. Her genuine interest in helping us succeed, her enthusiasm, great listening skills, patience and a non-judgmental attitude always made us feel comfortable and at ease. Emily is awesome. We’re grateful to her!"


I Need to Learn How to Be a Goddess!

This course is designed for women who identify as feminine-core women who want to be led and ravished by a masculine-core Warrior. 

This course is taught from the hetero-normative, heterosexual perspective.

Yes! Teach Me How to Be a Goddess!

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I Need the Goddess Course!